ASB AC Wireless Doorbell H-A12

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Brand : ASB

Model: H-A12

Speciality :

24 Chord Music



  1. Before installing this product, please read the instructions carefully.
  2. Please use only high quality alkaline batteries and please avoid carbon zinc batteries.
  3. Please try to avoid installing the product in damp area, or area that is directly under the sun or under the rain. With the care provided by the user, this product can be more effectively and will prolong the service life.
  4. Do not try to repair the internal electronic circuit as it will destroy sophisticated electronic components in the product. If there is any problem faced, please contact the dealer.
  • Computer optional 24 chords in music, the built-in function, stereo speakers create the sound.
  • The transmitter uses a waterproof, dustproof design but it is not weather bond. Therefore, it is needed to be under shade or under a weather bond cover.
  • Super remote distance open up to 100 meters.
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